Pre-Engineered Shell & Tube

B300/SX2000U – steel shell U-Tube

U-tube heat exchanger with copper tubes. 2, 4 and 6 pass models covering areas as large as 1900 square feet. Diameters from 4″ to 29″ Shell Diameters. 3/4″ OD Tubes. ASME Code constructed. Available as B300S for Steam applications or B300W for Water applications. SX2000U only available with 3/8″ OD tubes.

Materials: Carbon Steel Shell, Tubesheets and Baffles, CI Bonnets, 3/4″ Copper tubes in B300 models, 3/8″ Copper tubes in SX2000U models. Other material options as available.

Applications: For heating water or other fluids, using steam or water as the heating/cooling medium.

Application: U-tube – Removable Bundle Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Features and Benefits:

  • Carbon Steel Shell Side Materials
  • Copper Tubes
  • Cast Iron Bonnets
  • Shellside Design 150 PSI – 375 Deg. F / Tubeside Design 150 PSI – 375 Deg. F

ESP Thermal

Heat Exchanger Product Selection ESP-Thermal is an online plate heat exchanger selection program. The tool greatly simplifies the heat exchanger selection process by providing the following capabilities:
  • Selection capability for Standard Xchange Brazed Plate, Gasketed Plate and Shell & Tube heat exchangers.
  • Double wall designs for applications that require no intermixing of fluids such as Engine Oil Cooling.
  • Mechanical design options for materials of construction, connection types and accessories.
  • Design capabilities and physical properties for over 100 different fluids including today’s most popular fluids in the industry.
  • Ability to request drawings to provide dimensional detail in .pdf, .dwg and 3D capabilities.
For more information and to register for ESP Thermal, please contact your local Standard Xchange Representative.