Brazed Plate

Brazepak – Double Wall

High performance: Brazepak double wall brazed plate heat exchangers offer the highest level of leak protection, safety, thermal efficiency, and durability in a compact, low cost unit. The engineered corrugated plate design provides very high heat transfer coefficients resulting in a smaller heat exchanger.

Solid self-contained unit: Thin corrugated stainless steel plates are vacuum brazed together to form a very durable, integral piece that can withstand both high pressure and temperature. The patented double wall plate design is specifically engineered to allow fluid to flow through leak detection ports to the atmosphere prior to contaminating the other fluid.

Numerous applications: Brazepak double wall units are ideal for industrial, residential, commercial, and HVAC applications. Applications include refrigerant evaporators and condensers, desuper-heaters, sub-coolers, economizers, heat recovery, oil coolers, domestic water heaters and coolers, and where protection against fluid cross contamination is critical.

Design features and options:

  • Patented “True” double wall construction including port regions
  • “True” dedicated air gap to facilitate leak detection
  • Four dedicated leak detection ports for easy leak detection
  • 435 psig standard design pressure
  • Custom designs up to 2000 psig
  • 316L stainless steel plates with copper braze
  • Standard and custom connection options
  • Standard and custom mounting options
  • ASME (U and N stamp available), UL, CRN, PED, NSF, UPC, ABS, KGS code options

ESP Thermal

Heat Exchanger Product Selection ESP-Thermal is an online plate heat exchanger selection program. The tool greatly simplifies the heat exchanger selection process by providing the following capabilities:
  • Selection capability for Standard Xchange Brazed Plate, Gasketed Plate and Shell & Tube heat exchangers.
  • Double wall designs for applications that require no intermixing of fluids such as Engine Oil Cooling.
  • Mechanical design options for materials of construction, connection types and accessories.
  • Design capabilities and physical properties for over 100 different fluids including today’s most popular fluids in the industry.
  • Ability to request drawings to provide dimensional detail in .pdf, .dwg and 3D capabilities.
For more information and to register for ESP Thermal, please contact your local Standard Xchange Representative.